Everything You Need To Get Started Twisting Balloons

What's the #1 question we're asked as balloon artists: How did you learn how to make balloons?

#2 question we're asked as balloon artists: How do I get the balloons that YOU use?!

Look no further. THE INFLATORS are about to tell you everything. (NOTE: decide now which colors you want to go with (for pump, balloons and skirt). Personally, I have a purple pump, all the colors balloons, and black skirt. 


The pump is the most important tool in your toolbox. It's the baseball glove of your ballooning, so once you choose one, stick with it. It will shape to your hand and you'll pray it never breaks. I had my first one for a year until it broke, but luckily, I had an exact replica as a replacement!

You really only have one choice for a pump - and that's QUALTEX. 


Greens, Blues, Oranges, Yellows, Pastels, Neons... the choices are endless. Here are some of our favorites. Get one, get them all. We buy them by the hundreds. Balloons typically come in two package sizes: 100ct or 250ct. You can choose your colors and you'll save a little getting the 250ct bags. The neons are a little more expensive (couple bucks...), but that's because they're SUPER bright and pretty durable (I love them - they look amazing). 

Small cylinder balloons are called 160q's. We don't actually use those for our style. 

Medium cylinder balloons are called 260q's. We exclusively use these, unless we're making eyeballs, or octopus heads or bigger, rounder "ball" balloons, then we use...

2-inch balloon. These come in all sizes. We usually get lots of whites (eyeballs) and some assorted colors for all the other stuff, or colored eyeballs. 


We go to SMART & FINAL to get our aprons. They're called COBBLER WAIST APRONS and range from $5-10. They look like this. You'll only need one. But if this doesn't suit you - you can get an official balloon apron, which looks like this or a cheaper, black version like this