New Balloon Artist Spotlight: Bryan

We have some great news - The Inflators are growing! And we would like to introduce to you our newest member, Bryan! 

Bryan Balloon Artist

Bryan grew up in Japan (if you can believe it) and made his way over to sunny, Southern California in the early 2000's. He a close friend (and ex-roommate) of Bryce and was even in Bryce and Heidi's wedding. Bryan is a certified EMT and lives in Glendale, CA while he pursues a career as a fireman. 

Side note, he's got one of the best smiles in the business and makes some gnarly (fancy!!) balloon hats. He's thrilled to be on board and The Inflators are thrilled to have him!

Balloon Crazy Hat: Crazy Hat, Cray-Cray Coaster Hat, The Mess - VOTE!

We got to fooling around last night and decided to throw a couple new hats in the mix. Sound off in the comments with your favorite one!

Top to bottom: Crazy Hat - Cray Cray Coaster - The Mess

Balloon Twisting Crazy Hat
Balloon Twisting Crazy Hat Learn How
Balloon Twisting Crazy Hat How To

Everything You Need To Get Started Twisting Balloons

What's the #1 question we're asked as balloon artists: How did you learn how to make balloons?

#2 question we're asked as balloon artists: How do I get the balloons that YOU use?!

Look no further. THE INFLATORS are about to tell you everything. (NOTE: decide now which colors you want to go with (for pump, balloons and skirt). Personally, I have a purple pump, all the colors balloons, and black skirt. 


The pump is the most important tool in your toolbox. It's the baseball glove of your ballooning, so once you choose one, stick with it. It will shape to your hand and you'll pray it never breaks. I had my first one for a year until it broke, but luckily, I had an exact replica as a replacement!

You really only have one choice for a pump - and that's QUALTEX. 


Greens, Blues, Oranges, Yellows, Pastels, Neons... the choices are endless. Here are some of our favorites. Get one, get them all. We buy them by the hundreds. Balloons typically come in two package sizes: 100ct or 250ct. You can choose your colors and you'll save a little getting the 250ct bags. The neons are a little more expensive (couple bucks...), but that's because they're SUPER bright and pretty durable (I love them - they look amazing). 

Small cylinder balloons are called 160q's. We don't actually use those for our style. 

Medium cylinder balloons are called 260q's. We exclusively use these, unless we're making eyeballs, or octopus heads or bigger, rounder "ball" balloons, then we use...

2-inch balloon. These come in all sizes. We usually get lots of whites (eyeballs) and some assorted colors for all the other stuff, or colored eyeballs. 


We go to SMART & FINAL to get our aprons. They're called COBBLER WAIST APRONS and range from $5-10. They look like this. You'll only need one. But if this doesn't suit you - you can get an official balloon apron, which looks like this or a cheaper, black version like this

Here To Help: The Perfectly Planned Party

THE INFLATORS - Party Checklist.jpg

Have a party planned, but you feel crushed by all the details? Never fear. Help is on the way. The Inflators will help manage your party so you don't have to!

Need some helping preparing for the perfect party, but can't seem to keep everything in order? THE INFLATORS are here to help! Attached you'll find a little something that we put together to help you keep your party straight, your entertainment manages and your guests totally happy!

Frequently, we hear from mother's and grandmothers and aunt's alike that they've loved dealing with us because we made it a simple three-step process towards booking:

Contact. Deposit. Confirmation.

But unfortunately, not all vendors (and guests) are quite so simple!

So we decided to do something about that. Attached at the bottom of this post is THE INFLATORS Guide to the Perfectly Planned Party. Download it, keep it on your desktop or print it off and follow it along as you approach your party date. Even get the kids to help! Grab planning back from the 'stress' column and toss it in the 'fun' category again. 

And don't forget to smile. Often and always!

New Artist Spotlight: Marisa


We've added a couple new artists to THE INFLATORS! In the coming days, we'll roll out the introductions and fill you in on a little newsie-news about who they are, where they came from and anything else that might tickle your fancy funny bones.  

Up first, Marisa!

Home State: California

Favorite Balloon: Caterpillar

Favorite Animated Character: Phineas, from PHINEAS & FERB

Handed: Right

Started Balloons:  In college, 2008

Go-To Snack: Teriyaki Beef Jerky or Cheddar and Sour Cream chips

Diehard Fan of:  USC Trojan Football

Enchilada/Burger/Sandwich?  Chicken Enchilada.

Random Fact: I've never, ever been flexible enough to touch my toes standing up.

Meet The Inflators!

THE INFLATORS – Bryce & Heidi & The Gang – have got you covered! We’re thrilled to be able to help make your perfect party come true!

Back in 2011, Bryce and Heidi got married. And what a joyous affair it was! But it wasn't long until they realized that Heidi's talent as a balloon artist and face painter was becoming too popular for her alone to handle.

It was decided: they would train Bryce...

And what a joyous affair it was!

One party turned into two parties and before you knew it, THE INFLATORS were full-blown party artists. So much in fact that they've managed to hire two more INCREDIBLE artists (Bryan & Marisa) with a couple more on the way! 

We're so happy to have you along for the ride! And be sure to check back for more pics, videos and updates about The Inflators -- it's going to be a terrific ride!

Artist Spotlight: Heidi

Heidi - one of the founding members of THE INFLATORS and a true whiz with the balloons and paints. Here's a snapshot into her personality...

Home State: Montana

Favorite Balloon: Penguin

Favorite Animated Character: Belle

Handed: Right

Started Balloons: June, 2009

Go-To Snack: Salt and Vinegar chips

Diehard: San Francisco Giants Fan

Enchilada/Burger/Sandwich? Enchilada

Random Fact: Loves Hot Cheeto’s & Ketchup