Balloon Crazy Hat: Crazy Hat, Cray-Cray Coaster Hat, The Mess - VOTE!

We got to fooling around last night and decided to throw a couple new hats in the mix. Sound off in the comments with your favorite one!

Top to bottom: Crazy Hat - Cray Cray Coaster - The Mess

Balloon Twisting Crazy Hat
Balloon Twisting Crazy Hat Learn How
Balloon Twisting Crazy Hat How To

Here To Help: The Perfectly Planned Party

THE INFLATORS - Party Checklist.jpg

Have a party planned, but you feel crushed by all the details? Never fear. Help is on the way. The Inflators will help manage your party so you don't have to!

Need some helping preparing for the perfect party, but can't seem to keep everything in order? THE INFLATORS are here to help! Attached you'll find a little something that we put together to help you keep your party straight, your entertainment manages and your guests totally happy!

Frequently, we hear from mother's and grandmothers and aunt's alike that they've loved dealing with us because we made it a simple three-step process towards booking:

Contact. Deposit. Confirmation.

But unfortunately, not all vendors (and guests) are quite so simple!

So we decided to do something about that. Attached at the bottom of this post is THE INFLATORS Guide to the Perfectly Planned Party. Download it, keep it on your desktop or print it off and follow it along as you approach your party date. Even get the kids to help! Grab planning back from the 'stress' column and toss it in the 'fun' category again. 

And don't forget to smile. Often and always!